Monday, October 25, 2010

This weekend was awesome in my lil' creative world

I love a great weekend!
I had a great time with my family & friends first of all.
We watched the game & the fights Saturday night
I always love getting together with good friends
But I used the rest of time being very creative
It felt so good to sit at my desk & work on piece after piece
It seemed like every time I got a new idea it turned into yet another!!!
Being a person that runs into a creative brick wall often
That was great enjoyment!
Here is a peek at a few things I made.
This first picture is just something simple.
A lil' copper flower
I love it!
This next piece was a great honor to make!
My 12yr old daughter requested a necklace with the above the influence symbol
I was more than happy to make such a bold statement
She wore it proudly to school today
Never mind the statement - I love the look!
Now then last but most definitely not least ..
This is my favorite piece to date!
I am so pleased with what this necklace turned out to be
I am a huge fan of copper/silver mix
So now I am back to work for the week.
Totally not Yea!
I would much rather be at home sitting my creative hole in my garage seeing what comes to mind next!!!!
But duty calls!
Have a great week!

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