Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coffee is Beautiful

Who knew coffee was so pretty?
I love me some coffee!
From 'froo froo' (as my honey calls it but still drinks)
To a damn good cup of black

Not only does it SMELL amazing & taste amazing
It controls my sanity
Sure I can function without it
I just prefer not to
It is probably highly possible that my honey prefers I don't drink so much sometimes
Yes I totally get in those moods
The ones where I pick pick pick at him
I act like a 6 year old with a crush!
And it never fails .. it is always when he is in a rather chill kind of mood
And that is the best ... tee hee
Back to coffee .. I love it!
I get up to coffee
I drink it through the day
I brew a pot every night
Some nights I drink the whole pot by myself
Hmmm .. now that I say that out loud
Maybe those are the nights I lie in bed cussing & wondering why they hell I can't fall asleep
And with five kids I need all the help I can get to keep up
But who the hell knew coffee was so beautiful?
I mean really if you were served this could you drink it?
I might feel guilty

This one could be a warning!

Oh hell I can't lie
Once this was placed in front of me & the aroma started to tickle my nose..
I'd grab my camera
Take a quick pic
Then indulge in the wonderful taste of coffee.
Matter of fact here it is 10pm
I am having coffee
And there is absolutely NOTHING better than
a steaming hot cup of coffee with an awesome piece of chocolate.

YES this post stemmed from that adorable lil' cup of coffee with the monkey in it
It totally sent me on the search for coffee fun!

I am totally feeling the urge to now be a barista so I can learn yet another art form!
Off I go to finish my coffee ...


  1. Another cool post...whoa! coffee art who would have thought it! ♥Sue

  2. thanks Sue! I know I was rather intrigued. How amazing! I also found some art that was done with coffee grinds? Neat!