Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My kids think they are Pranksters - NOT EVEN

I think I am funny
Not like Bernie Mac funny
NOW he was funny - I am so sad he is gone.
But definetly I believe I am funny.

I have 5 kids (bet I never mentioned that before hu?)
All of them but one are in their teen years.
You know how they get .. they start thinking they are funny.
They try to embarrass me all the time.
Or pull April Fools pranks on me.
Well you can get me -
That is for sure.
do expect the favor to be returned!

Oh yes I am a awesome mom also!
My oldest daughter loves the April Fools jokes.
But I don't think after last year she will be pulling that anymore
Or maybe she will really get me?
She has wanted a VW Bug for her first car  for as long as I can remember.
SO I took a pic of me sitting in one on my phone & sent it to her
Told her it was my new car
Oh yes it was the exact color she wanted & all ..
She wouldn't speak to me!

My next oldes child likes to be loud & abnoxious
When I ALLOW him to go in public with me.
(I don't allow any of them in public with me often - LoL)
So I told him one day while at Wal-Mart his was coming!
And oh yes Mamma got him!
Being the very masculine male he is I came up with a plan
I waited long enough he forgot
And for a cute girl to come walking by
Then I walked up to him in the most loving way I could
Put my arm on his back & all but yelled ...

'It's ok son - your dad & I still love you
You WILL find the right MAN
And we will love him too.'

(PS - no hate mail - I don't have any problem with alternative sexuality this was just in fun)

Oh the priceless look on his face!
His dad was speechless
He was speechless
The only thing he could manage to whimper out was
I have to give this one to you - that was good.

Then came the icing on the cake!
The cute lil' girl that walked by is friends with my daughter
And he goes to school with her!!!!

So Yes I do think I am funny.

My kids may be scarred for life.
But we laughed!
ANd I know there will be more -

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