Monday, November 22, 2010

Why Do We Hate Mondays soo Much?

Don't get my wrong I get it
I don't care for Monday for the most part either


1 - I don't like going to work - love my job - hate going to work
2 - I seem less focused on Mondays
3 - Mistakes happen more because of #2

So why not find reasons to like Mondays?

1 - I am breathing, I could never experience a Monday again.
2 - I am healthy not sick in bed
3 - I do get to work - whether I want to or not I am blessed with a job I do like
4 - I have the weekend to look forward to
5 - I just enjoyed a weekend
6 - There is always coffee

So I vow to stop complaining about Mondays.
I mostly appreciate life anyway so why not find a new ways to appreciate it.
Why do you love Mondays?

1 comment:

  1. A cup of coffee with a monkey's face on it....priceless!