Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Heart Sundays

Ok first let me remind you
I did an interview on Messy Bessie with a giveaway
If you want in time is running out
here is the piece that is being given away
So you if you want your chance to wear this cute one of a kind piece
Go leave a comment on the interview
Now moving on ..
I do love my Sundays.
I know it means my weekend is winding down & tomorrow takes me back to work
I don't hate my job at all
I actually like it
I just would love being home all the time working on what I really love
But Sundays are nice.
I enjoy the slow pace of it
The being around my people
It is just peaceful
I haven't shared some of my new pieces on here lately so I will leave you with some eye-candy
These will be finished up today
I really love the bottom piece .. my favorite at the moment.
This was made for an old high school friend of mine.
This is a gift for her sister for Christmas.
I love the huge statement with the simple look.
This is for another dear high school friend of mine.
She was one of my closest friend through my high school years
Her honey just joined the military & they are having to spend time apart
I love the way it turned out
wasn't sure I would but I do.

Have peaceful Sunday!

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