Thursday, November 25, 2010

What Are You Thankful For?

This is a must post for Turkey Day right?
Why YES!

Even though I bitch about going to work every chance I get
I am quite thankful to have a job I can for the most part enjoy
And I am good at it
I turn my filter on when I go to work
So for the most part the customers LOVE me
They love me because I am full of shit 99% of the time!

Even though I bitch about my kids sometimes
I am soo thankful for each of them
They really are the most amazing bunch of kids
And I am so lucky that they are mine
(please do NOT tell them I said that)

Even though I bitch about my piece of shit car daily also
I am thankful I do NOT have a car payment but a car to drive
It does get me from point A to point B
And since I only drive 6 minutes to work who cares right?

Which by the way I am WAY thankful for
I hate driving

But I totally miss my Monster Bronco
it was my mid-life crisis car I guess
I always wanted one when I was young
I really want it back
Everyone stayed the hell out of my way!

I never bitch about my husband but I am very thankful for him
I am a lucky lucky lucky girl
Another story for another day
But he loves me & I know that
Knowing is awesome!

Aren't we cute???

I am thankful!
I love the life I live
I make my life what I want it
I don't follow every rule
I make some of my own as I go
And I am thankful I have the God given right to be who I am
I don't make excuses
I just laugh every chance I get  
& love life .... 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving....our turkey...prepped by my husband is cooking whilst I post.....have a wonderful holiday day today. Sue♥
    PS- i have a 97' BMW with 330,000 miles on's an old friend but rusting , etc....get's me from point A to I'll keep her!

  2. Agreed! I love no payments ... so I will keep my clunker too. We also just bought our son a car ... it was only $850 - a camaro - it has a crashed front driver panel - but not too bad & fixable & runs great ... until he gets his license I might just drive that occasionally!