Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 02 — Something you love about yourself

I sat down before work this morning to start this post.  But I just wasn't quite ready.  I had to really think about this for a while.  I didn't have to figure out that I do love myself.  Because that I know, I do.  It took me a long time to get there ... thanks to what I hate about me.  I didn't realize that it was ok to like/love me.  I think it is just as important to like yourself.  Love can exsist without like.  But to truly like & love is complete for me. 

I realized when I found myself again that I do like who I am.  I realized not everyone is going to like me & that is ok.  I don't have to be liked by the masses.  I only need to be liked by those that matter in my world. 

So after a lot of pondering today I realized what I do love about myself most is that I DO NOT fit into any box.  I am who I am because I choose to be.  Not because society says I have to be.  Oh trust me it was way easier sometimes to stay inside the box & just go along not ever being noticed.

That box was safe for a long time.  But when I realized I wasn't being true to myself I said fuck that box, I was escaping & I am no longer thinking or living inside that box.

I love being able to go anywhere & not give a shit if people are looking at me thinking 'what the hell is she thinking'  I don't hurt anyone ... I live my life doing what makes me happy & comfortable.  I am not an idiot nor am I white trash.  I am me.  And me is ok.

I am a creative soul that is not afraid to reach outside of the creative lines & color.  

 So that is what I love about me ... I don't fit into any box ... I fly out & stretch my wings.

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