Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FedEx Family House

My 15 year old daughter has seizures.
She has since she was 2 years old.
I do feel rather blessed that her seizures are as mild as they are.
Especially after talking to some of the parents here.
So blessed.

Bailey has been through testing like what we are doing now before.
She was in 1st grade so she was around 7 years old then.
It wasn't a horrible experience but definetly rough.

For her testing this time we are in Memphis, Tn.
First time I have ever been here - not much sight seeing going on.
Just out our window.
But we are having an amazing experience.

We drove in on Sunday because we were to check in on Monday morning at 5:30a.
They had told me we can put you all up in the FedEx Family House.
I had never heard of this, but appreciated the help.
And it is directly across the street from the hospital.
I didn't know what to expect at all.

But I know I didn't expect what we received.
The most kind & amazing accomadations for the night.
This place is absolutely amazing.
And it is all because of donations & people giving of their time.

It was more like a 5 star hotel.
Kitchens - yes with an 's' - for the families to use.
A wall of books.

There was even grills for families to use while they are there.
We were there one night - some families have children in the hospital for months.
And they make them as comfortable as possible in the FedEx Family House.

The kids love it!
It is so lovely there.
The art work!!!
Oh my.
I couldn't stop looking at the beatiful artwork.
Each one had a little sign beside it with the artist name & the worth of the piece.
All donated.

I want to help support this place.
Everyone that donates & gives back has a place that grabs their heart.
This is mine.
I can't stop saying it:

So I will be donating to this place when I can.
Every chance I get.
I hope to really be able to give back.
They take food donations also.
(the kitchens are stocked with food items for the families)

Seeing all the art - how peaceful it was.
The children even loved looking at it.
Lit my fire of wanting to paint again.
I have some ideas in my head -
I will be painting some pieces to donate to them.

Do you have a place like this that just holds a special place in your heart?

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